• Covid-19 #HelpAKarigar intitiave

    Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have all faced impactful setbacks in our lives be it socially, economically or emotionally. The ones worst hit, however, are those less fortunate. Due to the complete shut down of the markets and production during the ongoing lockdowns, many businesses have suffered. Most importantly, those working on smaller jobs,
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  • Threads Woven Together

    Craftwork, artistry, and expertise that are a few generations old. The skills honed centuries ago are in a danger of disappearing.
    What remains constant is the sheer beauty of what they create. We make an attempt at keeping the expertise and the beauty relevant, using different weaves from our vast country, matching them with the handwork from another, adding embroidery and the borders… the result is the beauty you all enjoy.

  • Welcome to our world!

    We borrow the name for our brand from the land we grew up in. Sihali Jageer! We bring you these rich traditions, passed from one generation to the next, adapted to modern lifestyles and needs. We bring our heritage, style, and comfort.

  • When you wear a Sihali Jageer Original

    You wear history and lineage. Handwoven fabrics that take you back to a less hurried era before mass-produced styles became the norm.You borrow the nazaakat of a proud medieval people, extracted from a unique and rich culture. Wear it with clean, our clothes are inspired by a culture derived through a syncretic exchange of lifestyles
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